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Triebel Guntools - Products

Triebel Guntools - Products

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Our high-quality chamber reamers, chamber gauges and reloading-dies are produced exclusively in our company in Germany!




Triebel Guntools - Products

We produce high-quality reloading dies for almost all calibers up to 25mm. Our customized solutions can help in the production of your match ammunition. We manufacture the reloading dies exclusively in our company in Germany!

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Chamber Reamers

Triebel Guntools - Products

Our reamers are made from best high speed cutting steel and are perfectly ground on a 5-axis CNC-grinding machine. All reamers have a square for hand use and a precision ground cylindrical shank with metric dimensions.

The pilot is changeable and made from brass.

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Chamber Gauges

Triebel Guntools - Products

Our gauges are made from hardened steel and perfectly ground to the exact dimensions given by CIP or customers specification. We check the dimensions of every chamber gauge on a modern optical CNC-testing device. Our chamber gauges are used by gunsmiths as well as by proofhouses all over the world.

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Rim Cutters

Triebel Guntools - Products

This cutter is used to make the recess of the rim of rifle-chambers. The tool consists of the guide plug and the cutter. The cutter is made of high-speed-steel. The teeth are ground on CNC-machines.

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